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C/ Raval n. 5  -  17256 - Pals


T. +34 681 035 739 

Arkhé Essence


Arkhé is perceived as the light that filters between the stone walls, resting on a soft pillow that comforts you in your dreams, discovering little treasures, feeling that the world has stopped and that life is you and this home that welcomes you.

Arkhé is a landscape: the reddish skies, the strength of the tramuntana and the calm of the Empordà plain.

Arkhé is health: breakfasts with nutritious ingredients and with views to the hill of Quermany.

Arkhé is a family-run hotel designed for you to take care of yourself.


Quality mattresses and soft sofas with warm upholstery, colours that are the pigments of nature and soft fabrics, the ruggedness of the stone and the cleanliness of the white, walls that keep you safe and skylights that illuminate, ceramic plates and cups, wicker lamps and cathedral lamps, solid furniture and delicate flowers.


Seeded crackers with vegetable pâtés; apple, mango, and lemon and ginger smoothies; granola (homemade muesli) with cinnamon or cardamom, oatmeal and flaxseed rolls with tofu macerated with rosemary accompanied by beansprouts, rocket, tomato and red cabbage...


Rice paddies, paths between fields and expanses of apple trees protected by cypresses. Vineyards with gnarled vines and delicious fruits. El Montgrí, Les Gavarres and the Costa Brava with rocky cliffs and blue and sheltered coves.


Art in the rooms, art in the hallways, art in display cabinets and art in the common areas. Art in the exhibition hall and in the "Fet de Pals" shop. A painting, a vase, a lamp, ceramic tableware. You’ll need to take time to enjoy the beauty.