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C/ Raval n. 5  -  17256 - Pals


T. +34 681 035 739 

You and I and the Tramuntana that cleans our spirit. You and I and this newly painted, cloud-free sky of the Empordà.


The first thing that this wind does is to suddenly sweep the clouds from the sky. 

It's a wind that wants clean and clear skies. It is produced in an atmosphere of crystal, under the wonderfully blue, frosted, metallic space, before a glorious sky, indifferent to its maddened impetus.


JOSEP PLA (sobre la tramuntana)

The wind is a horse:

listen how he runs

through the sea, through the sky.

He wants to carry me away: listen 

how he travels the world

to take me away.



All rooms include

- Free wifi and fibre-optic internet

- Double bed of the highest quality

- Toilet and shower

- Bed linen and towels of the finest quality

- Desk

- Hair dryer

- Air conditioning / heating

- Natural and organic complementary toiletries in the bathroom

- EU/US/UK/AU electrical adapter

- Safe deposit box


The Air room is inspired by...

The Tramuntana

At the top of a hill and open to the four winds, Pals benefits from the Tramuntana, a strong and cold wind that smoothes and turns the sky a clear, pure blue. Its intensity and strength make it a wind with character, one that is unique and recognised throughout the territory.

"It seems I have understood the reason for the obscure, atavistic,
admiration that the people of my country feel for this wind.

This admiration persists (...) because the temperature of the air

the tramuntana brings is literally an ideal climate: a tonic, vital, kind,
prodigiously hygienic and purified climate."


Josep Pla

Anaxímenes (c. 585 - c. 524 BC), a disciple of Anaximander, designated the air as an arkhé. All matter would come from the air through the processes of rarifaction or condensation. Thus, the rarefied air would become fire, whereas, when it condensed, it would become water and subsequently earth. The choice of air as arkhé is no coincidence: air dominates and maintains the unity of the cosmos, just as the soul maintains the unity of the body.