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C/ Raval n. 5  -  17256 - Pals


T. +34 681 035 739 


You and I and the horizon, in this blue and expansive sea that welcomes us in.
You and I by the mouth of the river Ter and in the Empordà Wetlands Nature Reserve where the sea becomes river and the birds fly, free.

In one drop of water are found all the secrets of all the oceans.



The clear sky

will make the sea more blue,

a blue that enamours

at midday, clear:

between the pines I look...

There are two things

that seen together

makes the heart expand:

the green of the pines,

the blue of the sea.




All rooms include

- Free wifi and fibre-optic internet

- Double bed of the highest quality

- Toilet and shower

- Bed linen and towels of the finest quality

- Desk

- Hair dryer

- Air conditioning / heating

- Natural and organic complementary toiletries in the bathroom

- EU/US/UK/AU electrical adapter

- Safe deposit box

The Water room is inspired by...

The Wetlands

Pals is located at the top of small hill - known as Mont Aspre - above the plain that was formerly covered by lakes and flooded areas. This is the feature that gave the name to the town, since it comes from the Latin Palus, which means 'wetland' and 'marshy terrain', referring to the nearby wetlands, the ‘Aiguamolls’ in Catalan.

Thales of Miletus (635 - c. 545 BC) was the first to develop the idea of the Arkhé and proposed water as the universal principle and the origin of allt hings. In addition, water is synonymous with the creation of life and this is an element that plays a crucial and essential role for civilization. He based and founded this theory with the proven observation that moisture was ubiquitous in nature and the belief that the Earth  floated on water.